What Sets Us Apart


Upon issue of a court order, we take control of the property immediately and begin communicating with existing tenants. We then assess the overall condition of the property, including structural and mechanical as well as safety standards. Within one week, an aggressive maintenance and upkeep program is implemented. 


Due to the short-term nature of receivership, where most rent receivers merely strive to main the status quo, Dubrow Management goes above and beyond. Our meticulous hands-on work in the areas of tenant retention, leasing and maintenance enables us to preserve and in many cases increase the value of the property for the benefit of the lender. 


We leverage our ability to work in conjunction with legal counsel, lender and broker to ensure that the asset is ultimately sold in the shortest period of time at the best possible price.

Recent Projects


In all circumstances Dubrow Management have consistently performed above expectations. They are able to quickly assess situations and stabilize properties, while simultaneously cutting costs.

Kevin Brodsky

( Vice President )

In every case, Dubrow Management rapidly gained control over and stabilized the distressed property, assessed its needs and implanted a plan to maximize the foreclosing lender's return on its collateral but efficiently and economically.

Stuart J. Glick

( Sills Cummins and Gross P.C. )

As the court appointed receiver, your expertise and "hands-on" management style, made all the difference in making a most successful transaction.

Susanne Newmark

( Newmark Real Estate )